The Master Algorithm

The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World is a book by Pedro Domingos released in 2015. Domingos wrote it in order to generate interest from people outside the field. Towards the end of the book, while reviewing his invention of the Markov logic network [1] he pictures […]

Differentiable neural computers

In a recent study in Nature, we introduce a form of memory-augmented neural network called a differentiable neural computer, and show that it can learn to use its memory to answer questions about complex, structured data, including artificially generated stories, family trees, and even a map of the London Underground. We also show that it […]

The Learning machines

Machines and data have been learning from quite a moment in time now. There is no domain left which does not use the stored data for analytic. Machines are getting better not only in terms of performance but also in terms of quality results because of the fact that they can learn. Learning is not […] […]

EvoInflector Algorithm

EvoInflector EvoInflector implements English pluralization algorithm based on Damian Conway’s paper “An Algorithmic Approach to English Pluralization”. The tests performed (December 2011) based on data from Wiktionary show perfect results for 1000 basic words and 70% of corrects answers for the entire Wiktionary set of more than 100000 words. Words checked: 108774 (979 basic words) […]